Highway 1 - USA

California, United States of America, Americas

"California Dreaming" - our 12 day motorcycle tour through California and Nevada will take you to the most beautiful places of the American West. With the Harley you will ride along the famous Highway 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco and discover the beautiful region of Big Sur. After a visit to San Francisco and the exciting ride on the Golden Gate Bridge you will discover the wine-growing areas in northern California and the artists town Mendocino before your motorbike tour leaves California and heads south through the Nevada Desert. In Nevada, visit the gambling mecca of Las Vegas and discover the old "Wild West" in the ghost town of Calico with their closed down silver mine. Your motorcycle tour through California and Nevada ends with a farewell dinner in Santa Monica on the Pacific Coast.

Organised by Reuthers Motorcycle Tours

Highway 1 - USA

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