South India & Goa Long Trail - 14 Days

Goa, India, Asia

South India Long Trail

This tour is an alternative for all Classic Bike Adventurers who already know our regular South India tour and want more:

Three days in the tropical paradise of Goa and a twelve-day tour of southern India - our classic route covering more than 2,000 km for those who love to ride.

This extended tour offers considerably more time in the saddle, covers a longer route and tackles the highest mountains in southern India - our "advanced" tour of the South.

We ran this tour around 20 times between 1995 and 1999, and it's now back in the program once or twice per season.

The tour features one highlight after another:

We'll visit the most beautiful hill stations, ride through endless tea and coffee plantations in the Coorg region and ride elephants in the Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary, where we'll be staying in a jungle lodge. The Maharaja City of Mysore with its bazaars, temples and palaces is a further high point of the tour.

The Jain temples and monuments of the ancient Hoysala Empire in Belur and Halebid are as much a part of this classic tour as the holy cows and working elephants along the road. We promise you nearly 2,000 km of fun in the saddle. We especially recommend this tour to riders who have been to Hampi with us and are ready for more adventure.

Starting in Goa, with its gorgeous, palm-fringed beaches and unique Portuguese flavor, we'll take the coastal road south along the Arabian Sea. The tour will take us through bustling bazaar towns and down quiet country lanes in the Western Ghats and Nilgiri Hills, winding our way up the 2,620-meter Dottabetta.

Organised by Classic Bike India

South India & Goa Long Trail - 14 Days

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