Magic Nepal

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Magic Nepal 

The ultimate mountain range - and a very special motorcycle. The single cylinders of our Royal Enfield Bullets - Indian-made British heavy metal - are chugging away happily.

The bikes are relics of India's colonial past that are still rolling off the production line today, almost unchanged over the past 60 years. The Bullet is a brand-new classic that, more than any other motorcycle, makes the journey itself our destination.

Nearly all of the roads are paved and in surprisingly good condition - and that in a region that was virtually untouched by tourism until just a few years ago. Nepal is sandwiched between northern India, Tibet and spectacular Himalayan peaks. 

The dazzling, untouched glaciers of the Mount Everest range are gleaming in the distance. Getting as close to those giants as we can on two wheels is the objective of this exciting tour. Adrenaline levels are high, as surprises lurk behind every bend on Asian roads.

Organised by Classic Bike India

Magic Nepal

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