Alpine Adventure EAST

Swiss Alps, Switzerland, Europe

Alpine Adventure EAST

The Alpine East begins in the warmth of central Italy in Florence, a city of art and romance.

Florentine art isn't limited to the Renaissance Masters. Nearby are masterpieces of engineering art. aficionados of Italian motor vehicles may recognize Raticosa, Futa, Scarperia and Mugello as names of test roads for Italy's exotic 2 and 4 wheel creations. Art or engineering - the difficult choice of enjoying a day in the city or a wonderful ride.

Art lovers who gravitate to the city needn't worry, as the Tuscan hills to the east are pierced by passes Consuma, Mandrioli and Viamaggio, Top-notch riding leads to Gubbio, where the Middle Ages come alive via the narrow, serpentine town streets.

For centuries the Adriatic was the main thoroughfare between Italy and the Balkans. It is ours as well. An overnight trans-Adriatic ferry crossing transports bikes and riders to Dalmatia. Riding off the ship in Split isn't simply a trip to another country, but another time. Split, or Aspálathos, as the Greeks knew it in the 6th century BC. is a bustling port city. A free day here allows an enjoyable stroll on the promenade, a ride along the azure-blue waters of the Croatian coastline, or into the hills of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Alpine Adventure EAST

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