Tibet & Nepal Motorbike Tour

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"Roof of the World, Land of Snows or Shangrila" - however you describe Tibet it has always held the outsiders fascination. Locked away deep in the mighty Himalayas it offers fabulous monasteries, stunning views of the worlds highest mountains and follows the old pilgrimage route overland from Lhasa to Kathmandu in Nepal. En route see monasteries, villages, nomadic tribes, Mt. Everest and experience the starkness, remoteness and beauty of this amazing country and its unique people. The ride across the “Roof of the World” has been listed as one of the world’s greatest rides…….and quite rightly so!! The road from the Nepal border to Lhasa has been completely sealed and makes the ride so much easier and enjoyable........however the Mt Everest Base Camp ride will satisfy those who want some more "challenging” riding. It’s now possible to ride to the Mt Everest Base Camp ( 170 km detour from the main road ). This is a great ride into the high Himalayas and is one of the many highlights of the tour. How many people can say they have ridden to the Mt Everest Base Camp....be one of the very few who have....surely worth a few bragging rights amongst your riding mates!!! The Tibet tour starts and finishes in Nepal. This provides an opportunity to combine the Tibet tour with our Nepal and Bhutan motor bike tours.

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Tibet & Nepal Motorbike Tour

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