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 Offroad Vietnam® Adventure Travel offers many types of guided on and off road journeys on motorbikes, bikes and 4x4 Honda motorcycles logo, no Minsksvehicles and anything that can go off road, off the beaten track or off the tourist trail. We are not offering extreme off-roading holidays and Offroad Vietnam® is simply our trade name. Most of our rides are private and customised (some tours are strictly private while many are open for other riders to tag along), we don't have scheduled trips. Tour library features more than 150 itineraries and our route map is very useful for you in deciding where to ride in Vietnam. The most popular adventures customers book with us are guided on and off-road motorcycle rides, therefore this is the first page of our website. We are the first and only company in North Vietnam offering voyages exclusively on Japanese HONDA motorcycles (no Suzuki, no Yamaha and no Kawasaki), and we haven't used Russian two-stroke MINSK since May of 2007 as we had received so many complaints about bike reliability. To be specific, Minsks provide 10 hp (Minsk 125) while our Hondas provide from 13 hp (XL125), 13.8 hp (GL160) to 28 hp (XR250 Baja) and even 30 hp (GB250) and even a Honda Wave 100 gives you ~9 hp. Please check out how they are different here. We own these bikes and don't use rental bikes from any company. Below are bikes we use on guided tours (1-4) or unguided rentals (1-3).

Phnom Penh - Kompong Cham - Kratie - Sen Monorom - Phnom Penh.
4 days / 3 nights

Organised by Off Road Vietnam


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