Incredible Inca Motorcycle Safari

, Peru, Americas

Visit Peru and Bolivia on a motorcycle. During this tour you will see the highest navigable lake on earth: Lake Titicaca, the biggest saltflats in the world, near Uyuni, the worldfamous Nasca-lines and, of course, Machu Picchu. And you will experience the cities of La Paz, Arequipa and Cusco.

This tour through southern Peru and the western part of Bolivia is organised by the Australian motorcycle touroperator Ferris Wheels, Australia's only professional tour operator specialising solely in international motorcycle adventures. Mike Ferris pioneered the Himalayan Motorcycle Safari concept in 1994 with his first crossing of the world's greatest mountain range by an Australian group of riders. In 1995, now a qualified travel agent, he took his first commercial safari to the Khardung La in Ladakh (India), at 5,602 meters the highest road in the world.

Mike and Denise Ferris now operate and personally lead annual Ferris Wheels motorcycle safaris to diverse destinations, all of approximately three weeks in duration.

Organised by Peru Motors

Incredible Inca Motorcycle Safari

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