New Years Twister

Andalucia, Spain, Europe

Even during the winter months Andalusia can offer perfect riding conditions, warm sun and mild temperatures of around 20 °C are to be expected. Enjoy the natural beauty of Andalusia on one of the many serpentine roads which weave their way between mountains and sea. In the surrounding regions of La Herradura you can find some of the best biking roads around, fantastic mountain passes and costal roads are begging to be explored. No matter if it's the Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Chaparral, Sierra de Contraviesa, Sierra Tejada, Sierra de Gator or the Alpujaras they all have one thing in common, they all seem like they are tailor made for motorcyclists. Time and time again we will be reminded of the Moorish culture which is still evidently present in this part of Andalusia.


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New Years Twister

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