Amalfi Coast to Sicily - 9 day tour

, Italy - Alps, Europe

This tour begins and ends in Rome. Accommodation is mainly 4 star hotels for dinner bed and breakfast. The trip includes an overnight ferry between Naples and Palermo where your accommodation is an outside suite.

We visit many places of historic or scenic note including Pompeii, Herculaneum and Segesta whilst riding the best biker roads on the Amalfi Coast and across Sicily.

In Rome we can source a number of rental bikes for those wishing to hire a motorcycle for the tour. We can obtain BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson and possibly Moto Guzzi. The rental prices are very attractive for unlimited mileage and when you if you do some calculations on the time and cost of riding from say the UK to Italy you will soon realise the merits of hiring locally. Just fly into Rome and home again after the tour.

We can arrange to add extra days accommodation before or after the tour for those wanting to do their own thing in Italy.

Full details can be seen here,_Southern_Italy_and_Sicily/Italy_-_Amalfi_Coast_to_Sicily_-_9_day_tour

Organised by McTours Ltd

Amalfi Coast to Sicily - 9 day tour

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