Mighty Himalayan 1

Himalayas, India, Asia

Mighty Himalayan 1

This Tour takes you over three of the worlds highest motorable roads. Amazing views surround us all the time as we travel over the top of the world up to heights of 5,608m. This is truly something that everybody who is able to should do once in there lifetime. A truly amazing experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Your safety is of paramount importance to us. The road condition and temperature changes between the Indian plains and the Hill Stations and the high altitude driving in the Himalayas can all lead to problems if ill equipped.

So we will make it easy as possible for you.

Our local team fits all our bikes with everything that you possibly need for this adventure of a lifetime and are maintained to the highest standards.

We carry all the relevant spares and equipment that you will need in our support vehicles, and our camping setup is done to maximise your comfort and safety from the whether conditions.

Our fleet of Royal Enfields are all customized 500cc Bullets. We have updated some of the features on the bikes to make them more suitable for the distances that we do on these tours. The Royal Enfield was designed by the British in the 1950's. They are now made in Chennai, India but still based around the British design.

These bikes have a slightly different setup to the bikes most of us drive today. The gear lever is on the right and the brake leaver on the left. It doesn't take long to get used to driving these amazing machines.

Upgrades are:

New more comfortable seats

Uprated suspension

Uprated carbs

Uprated clutch

Gear ratio change for more power up steep mountain roads

Organised by Extreme Bike Tours

Mighty Himalayan 1

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