Corsica & Sardinia Tour

Corsica, France, Europe

Come and conquer the untamed islands of Corsica and Sardinia with IMTBike; or better yet, let their numerous delights conquer you! These lush pristine islands with surprisingly mountainous topography and beautiful coastlines make them one of the best places to ride a motorcycle in the world. After a Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona we will ride the most beautiful corners of both islands on a magnificent network of local roads which are perfectly designed for motorcycling. From the natural charm of their national parks to the turquoise waters of their beaches, from their delicious gastronomy to their authentic people and villages, nothing from the Corsican and Sardinian islands will escape us! Back on the European mainland, we will make our way through Provence, the medieval city of Carcassonne and then cross the mighty Pyrenees to cosmopolitan Barcelona- a wonderfully curve-filled ending to a vacation of a lifetime. Mark this riding adventure on your calender and join us in motorcycle paradise!

Organised by IMTBike Tours & Rentals

Corsica & Sardinia Tour

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