Kerala - Malabar Coast Luxury Tour, South India.

Kerala, India, Asia

South India is an absolutely magical place to ride. It has all the ingredients that you could wish for in any trip and a whole lot more. Pristine scintillating coastlines, intricate mazes of palm fringed inland waterways and lagoons, luxurious colonial mansions perched in just the right locations and swathes of impossibly green high altitude tea plantations to the horizon make the entree for a motorcycle feast of this fantastic area.

Main course, food!...the real food of Kerala that is famed throughout India and the world for its flavours, delicate spices and infinite variety. You will get to savour the finest the region has to offer. Wildlife, expect to bump into wild elephants and many other jungle friends as you cruise through the huge lush open wildlife sanctuaries that cover much of this tropical state. Tribal festivals, a riot of colour and sound that will take your breath away.

The winding lanes and wide boulavards of the ancient port of Cochin are your starting point for a voyage of discovery, adventure and pure pleasure. 

Dessert is the people themselves. The Keralans are just about the sweetest most friendly people you could ever care to meet. They will make you feel like a superstar as whole villages wave as you chug past on your trusty Royal Enfield in the cool sunshine.

To top it off, we will take you on roads nobody else knows, to areas well off the beaten track and introduce you to the real Kerala that we guarantee will surprise, amaze and enchant you.

Our ethos is to do it all at a pace that gives you the time to take it all in and revel in the endless delights that Kerala and the Malabar Coast have waiting for you.

We only take you at the very best time of year. In the deep tropics of South India that means January, the coolest and freshest month of the whole year. This equates to a gorgeous European summer climate. 

Can this trip be as good as it bet, come and try it!

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Kerala - Malabar Coast Luxury Tour, South India.

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