Canada - Rockies

Vancouver, Canada, Americas

Discover the unique natural beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains on our 11 day motorcycle tour through Canada. Our motorbike tour begins in the city of Vancouver on the Pacific Coast, which is regularly named to be one of the most livable cities in the world. Over endless highways you will travel with a Harley up to the Rocky Mountains and the Jasper National Park. Be enchanted by the picturesque panorama of the green shimmering Lake Louise set against the backdrop of snow-covered mountains, before you leave the Banff National Park and continue on to the winter sports region of Calgary. In historic places such as Fort Steele and Revelstoke you can learn about the gold rush in western Canada. Before you gradually return to Vancouver where your motorcycle tour of Canada ends you will ride on a beautiful route through the Selkirk Mountains.

Organised by Reuthers Motorcycle Tours

Canada - Rockies

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