Northwest Adventure Tour

Washington, United States of America, Americas

No, we're NOT in California for this great tour - we're in the Pacific Northwest! Yes, there's plenty of good riding in California and the American Southwest, but in spite of our company name, some of our favorite (summer) riding is in the Pacific Northwest. This tour starts and ends in Seattle and includes great roads and destinations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana, plus parts of British Columbia and Alberta in Canada.

We'll ride through the North Cascades National Park (called the American Alps) and Glacier National Park which stradles the border between Montana and Alberta. This is the Rocky Mountains, and we'll cross the continental divide in both directions. In addition, we'll follow a portion of Lewis & Clark's "Corp of Discovery" route and ride through the accessible part of Hells Canyon on the Snake River. We'll ride the scenic Columbia River Gorge and cross this great river where it meets the Pacific Ocean. Last but certainly not least, we'll visit Mount St. Helens, the volcano that blew its top in 1980. Oh, and don't forget the ride through Mt. Rainier National Park. WOW!

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Northwest Adventure Tour

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