Thailand "Roadriders Paradise" 15 Days North Siam

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Two years in the making, we’re proud to announce a completely new tour for lovers of easy living, good food and the rush of riding on winding mountain roads – exploring the remote mountains of northern Thailand on state-of-the-art, light, easy-handling Kawasaki ER6-n touring bikes.



In cooperation with our local friends and experts in the region, we’ve put together a motorcycle tour that can hold its own with the best touring adventures in the world. We scouted the wild northern mountains of old Siam – the modern-day Thailand – a virtually unknown, world-class biking region.

Thailand – a biker’s paradise – for a touring vacation in a class of its own. 




Our own fleet of new Kawasaki ER6-n bikes (600cc, 72 hp, 180 kg, ABS), maintained by Joe, our German expat mechanic who has called Chiang Mai home for the past twenty years

  • Excellent, lightly-traveled roads through pristine mountain landscapes
  • Our route covers numerous cultural highlights and was worked out by Armin, a Swiss travel expert who has spent the last twenty years organizing tours through Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. Armin speaks Thai, and his knowledge of the region’s culture and history is virtually unparalleled
  • Exotic scenery, rugged landscapes and endless winding roads, including a ride up Thailand’s highest mountain (up to 2,600 m
  • Beautifully situated garden and town resorts with the comforts, excellent cuisine, outstanding service, and mostly with pools and wellness centers
  • Relaxing by the pool, wellness, and the renowned Thai massages
  • Laid-back evenings in cozy pubs and cocktail bars, often with live music, and nights by the campfire
  • Backup team with a mechanic, English-speaking Thai local guide, Road Captain Peter or Armin (as biking guides, mostly leading the way), replacement driver and backup A/C minibus for luggage and saddle-sore passengers
  • Economical weekend flights in comfortable THAI Airways aircraft, from Frankfurt via Bangkok to Chiang Mai
  • Personal consultation services and planning of tour extensions in Bangkok or Cambodia, or beach vacations on islands in southern Thailand
  • ... and here´s our Road-Map    

Organised by Classic Bike India

Thailand "Roadriders Paradise" 15 Days North Siam

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