Rome to Sicily

, Italy - Alps, Europe

This trip goes through the beautiful scenery of Italy, with all its fantastic roads, delicious Italian food & sunshine.

DATES: May, October
START/FINISH: Rome/Catania or Catania/Rome
DURATION: 11 day vacation, 9 riding days
ROUTE: Total distance 1200 - 1550 miles (1930 - 2490 km).
Daily rides 90 -215 miles (145 - 345 km).
The route takes paved roads, sometimes tight and twisty.
ACCOMMODATION: Comfortable middle-class hotels and some in historical districts along the seaside.
REST DAYS: Aquafredda, Taormina
SPECIAL FEATURES: It's worthwhile to stay one or two days longer in Rome.
HIGHLIGHTS: Rome, Costa Amalfitana, Pompei, Mount Etna, Italian Culture


Rome, the eternal city
Pompei, an undescribable experience to walk through a city that is 2000 years old.
The Amalfi coast, one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Europe
Äthna, a highlight of landscape and motorcycling - curves through black solidified fields of Lava
Agrigento and Valle di Templi, the largest and most beautiful greek temple complexes outside of Greece

Organised by Edelweiss Bike

Rome to Sicily

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