Touring Center Norway

, Norway, Europe

 Friendly Norwegians, beautiful sights, little traffic and great mountain roads make this an unforgettable week.

DATE: July
DURATION: 7 day vacation, 5 riding days
ROUTE: Total distance 720 - 860 miles (1160- 1390 km).
Daily rides 90 - 200 miles (130 - 320 km).
On well paved roads.
ACCOMMODATION: Very comfortable hotel with sea view.
REST DAYS: Any time - it's up to you.
SPECIAL FEATURES: Touring Center, no packing or unpacking on this tour.
HIGHLIGHTS: Isle of Runde, Geiranger Fjord, Trollstigen, 14 Fjords, Ålesund, Atlantic Road, Molde



Geirangerfjord - the worlds most famous Fjord and destination of many cruise ships
This is the right tour if you want to bring your family with you!
Trollstigen - most spectacular mountain road in Norway
Dalsnibba - spectacular view of Scandinavias highest reachable point
Atlantic Road - seven bridges connect windbeaten islands on Norways rugged coast
Bird Island Runde - more than half a million birds nest here, hereof more than 200.000 Atlantic puffins.

Organised by Edelweiss Bike

Touring Center Norway

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