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We're welcomed by thousands of small bikes and scooters as we ride our first miles in Vietnam.  Looking at a buzzing sea of two, three and four-wheeled vehicles, the crushing and seemingly chaotic traffic in this historic city of six million people can easily overwhelm. However, after studying the patterns, it is amazing to see how forgiving and easily the traffic actually flows.  You will see no fast-movers, no anger, and as long as you Become One with the Traffic and Go with the Flow, you will have no problems.

Welcome to the start of the GlobeRiders IndoChina Adventure.  Based on feedback from our Clients, we are offering this Adventure with two options. First is the IndoChina Total Adventure, the full tour in its original form. For those who can't get away for 56 days, we are also offering a second option, the IndoChina Highlights Adventure, a 36-day, lower-cost itinerary, which runs concurrently in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

We'll begin in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), where we'll clear customs and take delivery of our bikes.  We'll then head out for a grand tour of IndoChina, touring through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.  In Cambodia, those on the Highlights Adventure can head for home, while those on the Total Adventure will continue on through Thailand, and finally Malaysia, taking it all in and visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites along the way.  At the tour's end, we'll reload our bikes in a container, and head home from Kuala Lumpur.

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GlobeRiders IndoChina Highlights Adventure

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