Bhutan and Sikkim Thunder Dragon

, Bhutan, Asia

Bhutan and Sikkim Thunder Dragon

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a destination known to few, far distant from the western world both geographically and in culture.  Less than 6,000 foreigners traveled here last year, an amazingly low figure when you consider that this number of visitors can easily turn the stiles into America's Grand Canyon National Park in less than two hours!  Bhutan sounds like the perfect place for MotoDiscovery.

Nestled in the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is about half the size of Indiana, sandwiched between Tibet, and India.   For the touring enthusiast, this tiny Kingdom offers the qualities we all seek when traveling by motorcycle; a diversity of stunning scenery, an inviting population, political tranquility and exotic culture, all found within a small geographical package.  It's quality riding that stimulates the senses every kilometer of the way.

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Bhutan and Sikkim Thunder Dragon

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