Turkey Fantasy

Istanbul, Turkey, Asia

Turkey Fantasy

Turkey has become a MotoDiscovery favorite destination and if you have the time we really recommend the longer 29 day Turkey Classic Tour.  However, we understand how time is a critical factor in planning one's riding vacation, so for those who just can't get away for a month, the 11-day Turkey Fantasy Tour is a great introduction to a land that is in every sense of the word, magical!

If MotoDiscovery is distinctive in any way, it is that we possibly place a stronger emphasis than most touring companies on providing a complete travel experience by encouraging encounters with the native population and discovering the cultures and traditions of the lands we travel.  Turkey is a treasure in this regard, with a profound and ancient history.  With treks among Greek and Roman ruins, elegant stays in Silk Road era caravan hotels, exceptional dining, and haggling with traders in the bazaars, we somehow manage to throw in some great riding too!

Be warned!  Turkey is seductive and if you are like most that have traveled with us to this dynamic land that is part Europe, part Asia, you are sure to fall under its spell.


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Turkey Fantasy

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