South America - Colombia to Argentina

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Starting in Bogota, Colombia, this extraordinary ten week ride is along the spine of the Andes from the very northern section of this continent to the very tip, through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina to Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego, before heading to the dynamic and lively Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

Is it for me?

Number of days: 70 days
Approx total miles: 12,000
Accommodation: 100% hotels & hostels
Meals Included: All breakfasts. 10 Group Evening Meals.
Culture Shock Rating: Moderate
Riding Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Riding Conditions

This ride covers around 10% of dirt and gravel roads (up to 1,200 miles), although as the infrastructure develops, this may reduce in future years.

Do not underestimate the focus required to ride in South America, simply due to the other drivers on the road who are mainly untrained and unpredictable and the road surfaces, which are very variable, including potholes, roads under construction, broken up tarmac, landslides etc.

Riders Requirements

Riders must have a full motorcycle licence and should have a minimum of 2 years experience of riding larger bikes. Riders will be riding their own motorcycles, which need to be appropriate and adequate to ride on this type of journey.

Riders must be confident and competent road riders and whilst off-road riding experience is beneficial, it is not essential. What is more important is your own attitude to motorcycle overlanding. You need to be flexible and adaptable if the going gets tough, have the ability to take a positive view to overcome the challenges that riding in developing countries will throw at you and keep a good sense of humor and team spirit.



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South America - Colombia to Argentina

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