Mugello Italian MotoGP

, Italy - Alps, Europe

Ozalps tours officially started in 2003, created from a love of Europe and the incredible riding opportunities available there. Cliff Popp would regularly travel there to ride through various Alpine regions that were reknowned for being motorcycling paradise. Regular rides through Austria, Switzerland, France, and Spain resulted in attention on the best of the rides - the Alps. IN 2001, two of his riding buddies from Australia were in Europe for other reasons and tagged along on one of his forays. At the completion of that two week ride, both were astounded by the knowledge and experience Cliff had acquired. They persistently hassled him to create a business that would share these tours with a wider audience. Another season was spent researching a great package that would give Aussies the same experience. Ozalps was born. The Ozalps tours have continuously evolved since that time, where more and more of the very best roads have been linked with great accommodation, tourist opportunities and an intimate small group experience. The people who participate in these tours give great praise to the finished product of this ongoing process. See testimonials for examples.

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Mugello Italian MotoGP

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