11 Day Guided South Island New Zealand Tours

South Island, New Zealand, Australasia

Paradise Motorcycle Tours are the only New Zealand based Certified BMW Motorrad Travel Partner. Guided motorcycle tours are 7, 10, 14 or 21 days, covering the North and South Island of New Zealand or both. If you wish to tour with a group of friends, we are more than happy to design a motorcycle touring itinerary to suit your available time, interests and budget. Email for further details or phone us and we'll call you right back.

After breakfast each day, we show you the day's route. We stop along the way for lunch and to take in the sights and scenery. Our New Zealand motorcycle tour guide will lead the tour, but don't feel you have to ride in formation. If you want to break away from the group to take in the tranquility, you can meet up with the group at a predetermined point.

We arrive at our overnight stop in the afternoon to give you a chance to look around or rest and get ready for dinner.

In areas where there's a lot to see and do we stop for 2 nights for a 'free-'n-easy' day so you can see the sights, take part in adrenaline-rush activities, or just relax. If you can't keep away from your motorbike, your New Zealand tour guide will provide some fantastic NZ motorbike riding routes.

Add-on New Zealand Tour Activities Packages
Take advantage of our Add-on NZ Tour Packages for experiences that will make your holiday a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. If you've energy left, there's plenty of nightlife to boogey the night away at all major New Zealand centers where we have free days.

New Zealand Food and Wine
We've chosen great New Zealand restaurants with varied menus to suit all tastes - New Zealand is famous for its fantastic fresh food, some of the best wines in the world and gorgeous locally brewed beers. You'll love our New Zealand fruit and vegetables, highest quality meat and huge variety of freshly caught sea food; or for non-meat eaters there's a superb vegetarian selection. Eat with the group and enjoy the companionship of like-minded people, or if you prefer time to yourself, that can be also arranged.

Tour Mini-Bus - guided New Zealand Motorcycle Tour Support Vehicle
We have a luxury air-conditioned mini bus so you can bring your luggage on tour without being weighed down on your motorbike. Passengers who wish to take a break from the motorcycle and non-riders can ride along in the tour bus. For peace of mind we carry advanced first aid supplies and a driver qualified in first aid.

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11 Day Guided South Island New Zealand Tours

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