Dolomites and Swiss Alps

Dolomites, Italy - Alps, Europe

Dolomites and Swiss Alps

The Dolomites is one of the most spectacular mountain regions in the world and a motorcycling mecca. It has lots of wonderful mountain passes to ride over with breathtaking riding and more breathtaking scenery.

There are thousands of bends and quite a few challenging hairpins. If the weather is good, we even go over the most famous road pass of them all, the awe inspiring Stelvio Pass, the highest road pass in Western Europe.

Organised by European Motorcycle Adventures

Dolomites and Swiss Alps


The 7 day tour actually starts at Mandello de Lario, on Lake Como, the home of Moto Guzzi, so you can do a tour of the Moto Guzzi museum before or after the tour.

On day 1, we ride into Switzerland up to St Moritz, where we have lunch and then over parts of the Swiss Alps, through a huge national park, and then back into northern Italy, before proceeding on to the western Dolomites. We stay there for 3 days, doing day trips over the mountain passes, phenomenal riding ! 

We then ride over to the eastern Dolomites, we we stay for 2 days.

On day 5, you can visit Slovenia and /or Austria. We then proceed back to Mandello de Lario on a more southern route, wrapping around beautiful Lake Garda, or over the a few more mountain passes.

Once you book a tour, you will get a more detailed itinerary and I give everyone detailed maps, just in case ! 

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