Little Tibet - All the Way Up to Spiti Valley

Himalayas, India, Asia

Little Tibet - All the Way Up to Spiti Valley

This tour is a revival of our long Little Tibet tour from 1995. It's known as Little Tibet because we remain in the Indian Himalayas, yet the landscape is just as spectacular as in Tibet proper - or perhaps even better. In Little Tibet, we can travel without having minders watch our every move, and the Tibetan exiles still live as they did before the annexation of Tibet by China.

In September 2008, we ran an explorer tour to check the road conditions and prepare for the new 2009 tour. 

It's certainly one of the most beautiful tours through the Indian Himalayas.

Organised by Classic Bike India

Little Tibet - All the Way Up to Spiti Valley


The tour will take us through the Sutlej and Spiti valleys to the very roof of the world. It's an otherworldly landscape. 

We start in Nagar, riding through Kulu Valley, and over the Rothang Pass into Spiti Valley. 

See the tour map for a detailed itinerary.

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