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Magic Nepal 

The ultimate mountain range - and a very special motorcycle. The single cylinders of our Royal Enfield Bullets - Indian-made British heavy metal - are chugging away happily.

The bikes are relics of India's colonial past that are still rolling off the production line today, almost unchanged over the past 60 years. The Bullet is a brand-new classic that, more than any other motorcycle, makes the journey itself our destination.

Nearly all of the roads are paved and in surprisingly good condition - and that in a region that was virtually untouched by tourism until just a few years ago. Nepal is sandwiched between northern India, Tibet and spectacular Himalayan peaks. 

The dazzling, untouched glaciers of the Mount Everest range are gleaming in the distance. Getting as close to those giants as we can on two wheels is the objective of this exciting tour. Adrenaline levels are high, as surprises lurk behind every bend on Asian roads.

Organised by Classic Bike India

Magic Nepal


Day 1:


Flying independently to Kathmandu.

Day 2:


Our man in Kathmandu will be waiting for us at the airport with a Classic Bike Adventures sign. A luxury bus will be standing by to take us to our hotel near Mugling, about 140 km from Kathmandu. During the ride, we'll be getting our first impressions of what to expect in the next two weeks. The view through the dusty windows will leave no doubt that we've arrived in a completely different world.

We'll have a bit of time to relax in the Riverside Spring Resort while our guide changes money for us. Next, a short briefing. The day will finish with a welcome dinner featuring Nepalese specialties.

Day 3:


From Mugling to Gorhka

After a leisurely breakfast, it's time to collect our Enfields. We'll take half a day to get to know the bikes and practice on the parking lot in front of the resort. A bit of training in a quiet area is time well-spent for our safety, considering the chaotic traffic on Nepal's main roads, especially the Prithvi Rajmarg highway. Driving on the left and shifting on the right takes a bit of getting used to.

Our first taste of the open countryside will be on a quiet little road that winds its way through the Himalayan foothills. The tiny mountain town of Gorkha is virtually untouched by tourism, located amid terraced hill slopes at an altitude of around 1,200 meters. It's famous for its Shah Dynasty palaces and temples dating back to the 17th century. We'll be spending the night at the basic but cozy Gorkha Inn.

Distance covered: approx. 45 km

Day 4:


From Gorkha to Begnas Lake

Before breakfast, we'll be hiking the 250-meter ascent to the old royal palace on a mountain ridge overlooking Gorkha. From there, we'll have a breathtaking view of the Ganesh Himal massif with the Yangra (7,429 m) and Manaslu (8,163 m) peaks. After our descent, we'll be taking things much easier for the rest of the day on the saddles of our bikes. Early afternnon we raech the splendid Begnas Lake Resort, where we have the cahnce to dip in the lake over a cold beer. Nepals best ayurveda reort invites for massage session..

Distance covered: approx. 100 km

Day 5:


From Begnas Lake to  Pokhara via Baghlung

Relax at the Begans Lake, after breakfast our bikers can look forward to plenty of amazing scenery, sparse traffic, breathtaking views, and scratching a curve or three on a 150-km tour on a new, little-used mountain road leading up to the western edge of the Annapurna massif at Baglungh. The route guarantees tremendous views of some of the world's most spectacular mountains, or enjoy an outing on a rented rowboat with a spectacular view of the Annapurna massif, take a trip to a Tibetan refugee camp and visit its Buddhist monastery, and if you really can't help yourself, go for a ride on your Enfield. :-)).We'll be cruising through lush valleys to Lake Phewa and Pokhara. There we'll be spending the night at a basic but centrally-located lodge on Lake Road. The afternoon we spend on the lake raod of Pokhara, later opportunity of shaking a leg at live rock music in the Pub.

Inveterate .

Distance covered: depending on your chosen activity, 0 or 150 km

Day 6:


Pokhara - Siddhartha Highway - Thansen

130 km of endlessly winding, lonely mountain roads on the Siddhartha Highway, named after the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. Bikers will certainly feel a step closer to enlightenment on this road. We'll be reaching Thansen (1,500 m) in the afternoon. The ancient market town is located on the former Silk Road. Time seems to have stood still in the old town with its many merchants and artisans. For dinner, we'll be sampling Nepalese specialties in the historical atmosphere of the Naglo West beer garden. We'll be staying at Hotel Srinagar, the best place in town, located above Thansen with a spectacular view of the soaring 8,000-meter Dhaulagiri.

Distance covered: approx. 130 km

Day 7:


Thansen - Mahendra Highway - Royal Chitwan National Park

From Thansen, we'll be descending through rocky gorges to the tropical Terai plain. Things seem very Indian down there on the plain, which does indeed extend from the slopes of the Himalayan foothills to the coast of the Indian ocean. Even the towns seem to exude the unmistakable flair of India - not surprising, since Butwal, one of the two towns we will be passing through, is only 20 km from the Indian border.
We'll be spending the night in Sauhara, just outside the Royal Chitwan National Park, in the stylish Royal Park Hotel, the best jungle lodge in Sauhara. Dinner will be followed by a slide show about Nepal's wildlife. We'll round the evening out with a nightcap at the campfire, watching the sun set over the river.

Distance covered: approx. 180 km

Day 8:


Chitwan National Park

No riding today. We'll be getting up very early and taking an elephant safari into the national park to see wild rhinos - and leopards, if we're lucky. After breakfast, we'll take dugout canoes to visit the residents of Crocodile Creek. Participants wanting to see tigers can join the trekking tour into the jungle. With a bit of luck, you may briefly see one of these lone predators from a few hundred meters away. (It can't hurt to have a bit of space between yourself and the tiger when you're on foot.)

Second overnight stay in the Royal Park Hotel, the finest safari lodge in the vicinity.

Day 9:


On the Rajpath Mountain Road to Daman

We can look forward to an exciting day in the saddle today. We'll be taking one of Nepal's most beautiful mountain roads, the Rajpath highway, across Kulekhani Pass (2,600 m). We'll be spending the night in the comfortable, slightly time-worn Everest Panorama Resort just behind the pass.

Distance covered: approx. 140 km

Day 10:


Daman - Kathmandu ring road - Nagarkote hill station

At sunrise, we'll enjoy a fantastic view of the Himalayas, from the Annapurna massif west of us, to the Mt. Everest range in the distance in the east. From the top of Kulekhani Pass, we'll descend into the Trisuli Valley. From Naubise, we'll take the Prithvi Rajmarg highway to Kathmandu Valley and plunge into the chaotic traffic of the Kathmandu Ring Road. We'll be taking this highway for a short distance - extreme caution and defensive riding is absolutely essential here - to our turnoff for Nagarkote hill station. Nagarkote (2,100 m) will give us an excellent view of the snowcapped Langtang Lirung massif with its 7,000-meter peaks. We'll be spending the night in the Farmhouse Resort, a beautifully situated, quiet and very comfortable lodge.

Distance covered: approx. 140 km

Day 11:


From Nagarkote to the "LAST RESORT" - Adventure Resort

An early start is essential today to experience the Mt. Everest massif at sunrise, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

After a hearty breakfast, we'll be starting our descent to the Arniko highway, heading toward the Tibetan border. But first, we'll visit Bhaktapur, one of the three historical royal cities of Kathmandu Valley, with its beautiful old city and temples at Durbar Square. We'll be reaching our day's destination, the Last Resort at the Bothe Kosi River in the afternoon. Time to relax. (For more information, please visit

We'll be spending the evening together with other adventurers in the resort's open club tent, and the night in safari tents set up under wooden roofs.

Distance covered: approx. 100 km

Day 12:


The Last Resort - the adventure resort at the Bothe Kosi River

Today we'll have the opportunity to enjoy some spectacular whitewater river rafting. You shouldn't miss it, this is truly an untamed river (payment on location, approx. USD 30.00). Afterward, there will still be time to take your Enfield around 20 km up a dusty trail to the Tibetan border checkpoint at Kodari Bridge. And anyone in need of a major adrenaline rush can go for a bungee jump into the 160-meter deep gorge at the Last Resort (approx. USD 70.00)

Day 13:


Last Resort - Charikote

In the morning, before breakfast, we'll be riding around 20 km up the track to the Tibetan checkpoint at Kodari (Friendship) Bridge. The Arniko Highway - little more than a broad, dusty gravel road in the ravine of the Bothe Kosi Rivers - is currently being financed and built by the Chinese to improve connections to Nepal and India. We're allowed to go as far as the middle of the Friendship Bridge at the Nepalese-Chinese border. Go a couple of steps further and you'll be able to truly say that you've set foot in Tibet - and a boot on the bridge always beats a finger on the map.
We'll take the Arniko Highway back, have breakfast in the Borderland Resort, and continue to the turnoff for Jiri Road. This wild, scenic mountain road, which was built with Swiss development aid, twists its way up evergreen slopes from 800 to around 2,700 meters. The deep forest opens up time and again, giving us spectacular views of lush valleys and soaring, snowcapped 8,000-meter mountain peaks. Your camera is sure to get a workout here. In the late afternoon, we'll reach our day's destination, the small mountain town of Charikote (2,000 m), and stop at the cozy, traditionally styled Charikote Panorama Resort for the night.

Distance covered: approx. 100 km

Day 14:


Charikote - Kathmandu

After around 100 km on a winding road, we'll reach Kathmandu in the afternoon. Time permitting, we'll visit the Pashupatinath Hindu temple and the Stupa of Bodnath, the largest and best-known Buddhist temple in Nepal. From here, it's just a couple of kilometers to our very comfortable, quiet and central Nirvana Garden hotel, where we'll be spending the last two nights.

Distance covered: approx. 120 km

Day 15:


Kathmandu - Pattan

We'll start the day with a visit to Kathmandu's old city bazaar, taking in a fascinating mix of Asian markets, quaint temples and narrow alleyways. We can also visit Kathmandu's sister city of Lalitpur (also known as Patan), which is famous for its temple district and a very impressive museum. A trip to Swayambhunath, the renowned Monkey Temple on a hill overlooking the capital, is also very worthwhile. That evening we'll be getting together for our farewell dinner - one last opportunity to savor the true flavors of Nepal before returning home.

Distance covered: approx. 100 km

Day 16:


In Kathmandu - Mount Everest sightseeing flight, Monkey Temple and shopping

Early in the morning - before breakfast - we'll have the opportunity to take a one-hour sightseeing flight with Buddha Air, taking in Mount Everest and the vast panoramas of the Himalayas and the Tibetan plateau (approx. EUR 120.00, payable on the day).

Afterwards there will still be plenty of time in Kathmandu for shopping and sightseeing.

Day 17:


Flying independently out of Nepal to your home or next destination.

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