Bhutan - Highlights 10 Days Tour

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Bhutan - Highlights - 10 Days Tour

The country is sandwiched between India and China in the eastern Himalayas at elevations ranging from 180 to 7,500 meters. With an area of 47,000 square kilometers, Bhutan is roughly the same size as Switzerland. The kingdom has around 650,000 inhabitants, of which around 50,000 live in the capital Thimphu. Bhutan is mainly Buddhist, a small Hindu population of Nepali immigrants lives in the south of the country.

Bhutan opened to modern development only very recently. The first road was built in 1962. In 1983, the first, and to date only, airport was opened. Tourism is permitted only to the extent that it does not endanger the kingdom's traditional culture and society. In Bhutan, "gross national happiness" takes precedence over economic considerations.

Only a few thousand visitors visit the mountain kingdom every year - and the high price of admission is likely to keep it that way. USD 250.00 is the minimum daily expenditure for tourists in Bhutan, and individual travel without a guide is not permitted. In return, visitors can marvel at the country's spectacular, virtually untouched natural beauty.

Bhutan is a land of snowcapped mountains, deep, broad valleys with fertile rice paddies and orchards, tiny villages and bustling market towns. Yet the south is covered in jungle and more reminiscent of India than the Himalayas. Bhutan is a thoroughly exotic country that stimulates all of the senses. The previously-inaccessible biker's paradise in the Himalayas is now within the reach of a dedicated few.

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Bhutan - Highlights 10 Days Tour


Day 1:


Flying independently to Calcutta.


Destination and altitude



Day 2:


Early morning flight to Paro, transfer and time to relax at the hotel, afternoon warm-up bike tour to Drukgyel and to the Taktshang monastery viewpoint.


2,300 m

Hotel Valley View

60 km

Day 3:


Today we'll be doing an unforgettable ride around western Bhutan, crossing the Cheli La pass (3,990 m) into the remote Ha Valley, and to the Dobji monastery - with all the twisty roads you can handle!


2,300 m

Hotel Valley View

150 km

Day 4:


Trip to Bhutan's capital, stroll through town and shopping in the afternoon, or a ride to the Tango Rong Valley. A short cultural program in the evening with a local dance group will be followed by a trip to the pub.


Thimphu 2,600 m

Hotel Phuntshopelri

120 km

Day 5:


A short sightseeing tour in the morning and time to change money and shop - at 11:00 am it's time for our next ride through the mountains.

Just out of Thimphu, the road begins a steep, twisty climb to the Dochu La pass at 3,450 meters. The top of the pass is marked by a large Bhutanese chorten and prayer flags. The road down from Dochu La into the Punakha Valley and on to Wangdi Phodrang goes on for some distance, descending 1,700 meters to the valley floor.

In Punaka, we'll visit the largest and mightiest dzong in Bhutan and spend the night at the Singye Lodge (approx. 100 km). Via Dochu La (3,140 m) to Wangdue Tzong, then Punaka.


Punaka 1,600 m

Singye Lodge

100 km

Day 6:


We'll then climb back up the winding Pele La pass (3,300 m), enjoying a lunch stop during the descent near the imposing Chendebi chorten.

After four hours of winding our way through the mountains, we'll catch our first glimpse of the dzong. Eight kilometers outside of Trongsa, the road takes a tight bend to the left around an outcrop and presents us with one of the most breathtaking vistas in Bhutan. Trongsa dzong, a fortress built in 1648, sprawls down a steep hillside. Like nearly all towns in Bhutan, Trongsa is dominated by a dzong that dwarfs the surrounding buildings. We'll take an hour to have a look around.

Over Pele La (3,420 m) to Trongsa, sightseeing in the dzong.


Trongsa (2,180 m)

Yangkhil Resort

120 km

Day 7:


Today we'll cross the Yotong La pass (3,425 m) on our way into the picturesque Bhumthang Valley. En route, we'll stop briefly to visit the Chumey Yathra weavers. (approx. 160 km, 6 hours in the saddle!)

We'll spend the night in the splendid Wangdicholing Resort in Jakar.


Bhumthang (2,580 m)

Wangdicholing Resort

90 km

Day 8:


We'll spend the early hours of the morning exploring Choskhor Valley, with its grazing Brown Swiss cattle and Swiss-run dairy plant. Naturally, we're also interested in the Tanshing Gompa, one of Bhutan's oldest monasteries, with an impressive temple dating back to the 15th century.

From Bhumthang, we'll head back to the Pele La Pass. From there we'll ride through the Black Mountains to the incomparable Phobjikha Valley - the winter habitat of Tibetan cranes and location of one of the largest fields of dwarf bamboo.

We'll have time for a short hike through medieval villages and to the dzong. Our accommodations for the evening will be in the quaint Danchen Hotel.


Gangtey (2,800 m)

Danchen Hotel

150 km

Day 9:


Another day of dancing our way along winding roads. We'll be passing Thimphu en route to Paro, possibly visiting the archers in the afternoon or taking a traditional hot stone bath.

In the evening: our farewell dinner and a trip to the pub!


2,300 m

Hotel Valley View

140 km

Day 10:


In the morning: flight from Paro to Calcutta, departing 09:00 . Arrival in Calcutta at 09:40, followed by a sightseeing tour in an AC bus with an English-speaking guide; later a group dinner at an Indian restaurant.

Dinner will be followed by our transfer to the airport.


Transfer Calcutta

no hotel

900 km

Day 11:


Flying independently from Calcutta to your home or next destination.





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