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Phnom Penh - Kep - Rabbit Island - Kampot - Bokor - Phnom Penh.

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Day 1: We leave Phnom Penh and ride to the southern village of Tani Tuk Meas, where we catch a 'lori'. This unique form of local transport consists of a bamboo platform powered by a motorcycle-engine, and is definitely a quirky highlight of our southern tour!

Passing picturesque limestone formations, we arrive at the village of Kompong Trach, hometown of your guide, Paeng. Here we visit cave temples and a local mountain pagoda, where the roof of one cave has collapsed forming a crater-like skylight and a small, enclosed jungle. From Kompong Trach it's a short trip west to Kep. After a ride along the coast and a mouthwatering seafood dinner, we spend the night in Kep's pretty hillside bungalows overlooking the coastline and Bokor Mountain.

Day 2: A trip to the Cambodian coast simply would not be complete without some true island relaxation. A short boat ride takes us to neighboring island of 'Koh Tonsai', or Rabbit Island, leaving us to enjoy the beaches, swimming, snorkeling and seafood. The beach-front bungalows of this beautiful and serene island are where we spend the second night of our southern tour.

Day 3: From Kep we head to Kampot, a riverside town with an amazing mountain backdrop. We stop at Tuk Chou river rapids for lunch, after which we make our way up a winding mountain trail through lush green jungle vegetation. Our destination is the former French hill station of Bokor Mountain, a playground of the rich and famous during the early 1900's which became an eerily deserted ghost town due to civil war. The old casino and hotel must be seen to truly understand Cambodia's former glory years, and offers breathtaking vistas over the entire coastline and national park. After exploring, we settle down for a cool night at the ranger station.

Day 4: We begin our day on the rooftop of the former Bokor Casino, watching the sun rise over the Gulf of Thailand. Then it's on to Popokvil waterfalls, great for photos during any season.

After leaving Bokor and lunch in Kampot town, we make our return to Phnom Penh.


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