Incredible Inca Motorcycle Safari

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Visit Peru and Bolivia on a motorcycle. During this tour you will see the highest navigable lake on earth: Lake Titicaca, the biggest saltflats in the world, near Uyuni, the worldfamous Nasca-lines and, of course, Machu Picchu. And you will experience the cities of La Paz, Arequipa and Cusco.

This tour through southern Peru and the western part of Bolivia is organised by the Australian motorcycle touroperator Ferris Wheels, Australia's only professional tour operator specialising solely in international motorcycle adventures. Mike Ferris pioneered the Himalayan Motorcycle Safari concept in 1994 with his first crossing of the world's greatest mountain range by an Australian group of riders. In 1995, now a qualified travel agent, he took his first commercial safari to the Khardung La in Ladakh (India), at 5,602 meters the highest road in the world.

Mike and Denise Ferris now operate and personally lead annual Ferris Wheels motorcycle safaris to diverse destinations, all of approximately three weeks in duration.

Organised by Peru Motors

Incredible Inca Motorcycle Safari


Day 1 --- Arrival in Arequipa
The first day you will arrive in Arequipa, PeruMotors' hometown. Here we will brief you about your tour. The rest of the day you can stroll the streets of Arequipa and visit the famous Plaza de Armas and museums in the white city.

Day 2 --- Arequipa - Moquegua
Finally we leave Arequipa on our motorbikes. An easy ride today to get used to your motorcycle. Just outside of Arequipa we hit the PanAmerican Highway southbound to the 'copper-capitol' of Peru: Moquegua. We stay in a nice hotel close to the central square.

Day 3 --- Moquegua - Copacabana
Today we start early, becasue it's going to be a long day. Outside of Moquegua the ascent into the high Andes start directly. When we reach the 'Altiplano', we continue along the shores of Lake Titicaca to the border with Bolivia. After all the formalities we stay in the lovely town of Copacabana.

Day 4 --- Copacabana - La Paz
Just a halfday ride to La Paz, the sizzling (unofficial) capitol of Bolivia. We stay one night in this vibrant city. Here you will find the 'Witch-market' and you can visit the "Valley of the Moon", a colourful valley just outside La Paz.

Day 5, 6 and 7 --- La Paz - Oruro - Potosi
The morning is to spend in La Paz. In the afternoon we leave over the 'Altiplano' for Oruro. Then the last piece of asphalt (for the next days!) brings us to once the richest city of South-America, but still the highest city on earth with over 13,500 feet (4.100 meters). The spaniards robbed the city of its wealth and left the city poor! Most of the population of Potosi try to make money from silver-mines in the 'Rich Mountain' (Cerro Rico), under very hard circumstances. With a visit to the mines you can help the miners to make their lifes a little bit more pleasant, with your presents. Dynamite is in this city very normal, you can buy it, between the bananas and milk, in many shops.

Day 8 and 9 --- Potosi - Uyuni - Oruro
Today again a perfect motortrip to Uyuni. All the 160 miles are dirt road with beautiful and very colorful surroundings. We spend the night in the quiet little town of Uyuni on the shores of the worldfamous saltflats. The biggest in the world ! On day 9 we cross the saltflats on our bikes northbound. One of the highlights of this tour. When we leave the salt, we continue back to the miners-town of Oruro.

Day 10 and 11 --- Oruro - Desaguadero - Puno
Today we cross the border back into Peru. On the border we park our bikes in the compound of the Peruvian Customs Services. We stay the night in this little, but lively bordertown, in a basic hostal. The next day we'll have to wait until the Customs are ready with all their paperwork. In the afternoon we can continue to the city on the shores of Lake TIticaca: Puno.

Day 12 and 13 --- Puno - Cusco
In the early morning we take the boattrip to the floating Uros-islands on the highest navigable lake on earth. Then we start our bikes and, still on the 'Altiplano', we ride to one of the most beautiful cities of South-America: Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca's. You will have all next day to discover Cusco. Stroll it's little steep streets, the 'Plaza de Armas', local markets, the cathedral, museums, ruins of Sacsayhuaman and much more. In the evening you can explore the vibrant nightlife in Cusco.

Day 14 --- Cusco - Ollantaytambo
From Cusco we are on our way to the "Sacred Vallye of the Inca's". When we have time, we will visit the Inca-ruins of Moray and the saltpans of Salineras. Then we dive into the valley to the town of Urubamba. Further through the valley to Ollantaytambo, where we will stay in a very nice hotel.

Day 15 --- Machu Picchu
Again an early 'Rise & Shine'. We walk to the nearby trainstation, leaving the bikes behind. On our way to another highlight of this motorcycle tour: Machu Picchu. The lost city of the Incas is something that you cannot skip when visiting Peru. Famous all over the world because of its setting, the architecture and the mystery of this city, in the inaccessible Andes makes it worth while to visit. In the evening we will return to Ollantaytambo, the same way we came... by train.

Day 16 and 17 --- Ollantaytambo - Chalhuanca - Nasca
From Ollantaytambo we have to cross the mighty Andes again. We take the road with the 1000 hairpins. This road is build for motorcycles. We will stay the night halfway to Nasca in Chalhuanca. In the end of the afternoon the next day we descent to the desert-town of Nasca.

Day 18 --- Nasca - Camana
In the morning, if weather allows us, the flight over the worldfamous Nasca-lines. Then we follow the PanAmerican Highway southbound again. Along the Pacific-coast we head to the little coastal town of Camana.

Day 19 --- Camana - Yanque (Colca Canyon)
Over the PanAmerican back to Arequipa and in the afternoon again a wonderful ride to the Colca Canyon. We stay the night in Yanque at the beginning of the canyon. To get into Yanque we'll have to cross a high pass in the Andes of more than 16,000 feet (4.910 meters). High in the Andes you will see no less than 8 volcanoes. The luxury hotel has its own thermal baths.

Day 20 --- Yanque (Colca Canyon) - Arequipa
First we will visit early in the morning "Cruz del Condor" in the deepest canyon in the world, the Colca Canyon. This is one of the best places to spot the Andean Condor in the wild. Then we hit the road and slowly Arequipa comes into sight. In the evening we'll enjoy a cold beer and a alpaca-steak in one of the many restaurants and bars in the centre of Arequipa.

Day 21 --- Transfer
We will bring you to the airport of Arequipa for your flight to Lima. In Lima you will catch your international flight home.

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