Loire Valley - 5-6 Day Short Break

Loire, France, Europe

There are so many Chateaux to see along the Loire Valley and surrounding area that it can be extremely difficult to select a just few to visit during this short trip but this French motorcycle tour attempts to give you a glimpse of what is available in the region whilst riding some great roads between stopping points.

This Loire motorbike tour begins in Paris departing from the motorcycle rental dealer at 10:30. This fits well with many early morning flights from UK airports to Paris but for those who prefer to arrive a day early we can arrange accommodation the night before at a nominal additional charge. Day one is a shorter journey, from Paris to Le Mans, due to the later start and to allow photo opportunities passing the sights of Paris. Days two and three are spend touring from our base at Le Mans and day four the return journey to Paris.

As we shall arrive back in Paris in the late afternoon to early evening we have arranged an overnight stay in Paris and the following day you can spend sightseeing before taking your flight home.

We have other variations of this tour lasting from 3 to 9 days. We can also arrange a small number of bike hires in Orleans (making this predominantly a Harley-Davidson motorcycle tour), so, if you prefer a bespoke tour based in this area contact us to explore the options.

We also have other motorcycle tours of France including Dordogne, French Apls and Provence. These alternative tours have a range of bikes including BMW, Ducati, Honda, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha so contact us if you would like to tour France by motorbike.

Full Details here http://www.mctours.eu/tour/64/France/Le_Mans,_Paris/France_-_Loire_Valley_-_5-6_Day_Short_Break

Organised by McTours Ltd

Loire Valley - 5-6 Day Short Break


18 August Paris, Chartres, Nogent le Rotrou, Le Mans (140 miles)

19 August Le Mans, Vendôme, Orleans, Châteaudun (195 miles)

20 August Le mans, Chinon, Angers (210 miles)

21 August Le Mans, Beaugency, Châteauneuf-sur-Loire, Etamps, Paris (190 miles)

22 August Paris Sightseeing or head home

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