Goa And Beyond

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A perfect mix of beaches, socialising and motorbike adventure, Live India shows you the real Goa you won't find in the holiday brochures. Using our twenty years of experience touring this exquisite state we introduce you to the very best it has to offer as well as riding with you deep into the wild and undiscovered neighbouring state of Karnataka on the adventure of a lifetime.

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Goa And Beyond


Any motorcycle tour to Goa should take in everything that makes Goa great: the beaches; the markets; the food; the cool places to hang out and of course riding the superb coast roads through the fishing villages and palm trees.
Well, guess what? We are going to do just that and more!

You are certainly going to want to relax for a few days once you arrive and also for a few days before you leave so that you feel rejuvenated, revitalised and tanned enough to get you through the rest of the European winter once you return. To that end, we have put together a gentle and unique itinerary that will take you deep into the laid back, sun loving lifestyle of Goa as well getting a taste of the local culture that will enlighten you as to why so many people head back here each year.

You are going to go to beaches that only those in those in the know, know about; far from the rush of crazy tourism from where you can make local excursions along the coast on the bikes or just chill out on the beach if you prefer. In between all this laziness we have prepared some adventurous travelling inland for a few days to a couple of incredible sites that are well off the beaten track.

The ancient and remote fortress town of Badami is a stunning location and a great ride out to. After a day touring and exploring the villages, forts and caves we will ride across to Hampi, one of the highlights of Southern India and not to be missed. This fascinating deserted medieval city sits in a moonscape of rocky hills and ancient temples with a bubbling river flowing through the middle of it. You will have another day here to take a refreshing swim in the river, climb the rocks to watch sunset, or just wander the stupendous landscape and ancient city at your leisure. Lots of backpackers and old India hands take a break from Goa here; it's very difficult to get to without a bike and a worthwhile reward for those that make it.

To break our journey back to the coast you just have to visit the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary where you can go rafting, elephant riding or just stroll amongst the trees of this wild and untouched tropical forest.

To finish off you'll cruise along the Indian Ocean coastline stopping off for a couple of nights on a paradisiacal palm fringed bay with great food, astounding sunsets and soft white sand where on a calm day you can watch the dolphins frolic from your table as you take your breakfast overlooking the sea.

A good amount of time on this trip is given over to socialising and relaxation with mini coastal excursions on the Enfield available for you if you feel like it.

Does that sound like a real holiday? It is! As ever, there are only eight places available so please book early to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to seeing you there!

For this trip we have focused on location above luxury, for as we know location is everything, especially in a place like Goa. Everywhere we stay will be clean with en-suite bathrooms but expect simple amenities alongside charming service and spectacular views. We think that nothing beats waking to the sound of the sea and being able to saunter down to the beach for a morning dip before breakfast.

We have selected all of your accommodation for its friendly ambiance as well as its location. On the inland part of your journey to the tribal state of Karnataka we've booked two fabulous choices for you in both Hampi and Dandeli as well as a couple of captivating settings on the best beaches of Goa to complete your holiday.

Goa is a gourmand's delight. Whether it be freshly caught fish, crab or prawns cooked straight in the pan or grilled with butter, pepper or garlic, or rich Goan coconut curries whose spices are ground by hand at the crack of dawn daily, you will be in food heaven. For those with a more western palate there are superb stone cooked pizzas, fresh salads and other European dishes widely available. Outside of Goa you will find an abundance of mouth watering local delicacies to tempt you as well as traditional western fare. Vegetarians will be in their element too, as of course much of India is vegetarian.

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I took this tour with www.liveindia.co.uk in January and frankly I just want to go back. India is a country to be experienced not just visited and this tour truly does let you 'live india'. The guides, Andy and Nitin, were knowledgeable, laid back, flexible and couldn't have done more to make every day a new adventure. The tour route they chose and the places we stayed were all perfect. The Enfield was the only choice for the insane Indian roads. It meant I could glide through bends on the Western Ghats but still skim the massive potholes and dodge the fighting Water Buffalo with ease. A great bike with loads of character and a full back up vehicle that sorted out my blow out and had me back in the saddle in 40 minutes. If you want to have masses of fun, see a stunning country, have an amazing experience and enjoy 14 days of fantastic biking - then you can't go wrong!
Rachel Gould


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