Argentina - Chile tour Patagonia

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A 16 days ride to the end of the world

The southern most city in the world, Ushuaia, is the entrance door to the Antarctica, the place where mountains, glaciers, forests and sea meet; it is the capital city of the Argentinean province of Tierra del Fuego. Mystic and remote, this city is rich in legends and stories of conquerors, adventurers and people chased by justice. Join us for a ride to the place where the world ends and from where it is still possible to explore virgin lands.

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Argentina - Chile tour Patagonia


Arrive in Puerto Montt.
We will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel, where you will meet the other team
members and your fellow riders at our welcome dinner.
260 km.
Puerto Montt - Villa La Angostura.
Today we leave Puerto Montt and head off towards our first border crossing. We will cross the mighty
Andes and continue riding down into Argentina to the beautiful town of Villa la Angostura. This village
is considered among the main attractions of the Argentine Andean Patagonia because of the beauty of
its sights. On the left is the Nahuel Huapi Lake, and on the right the Correntoso Lake. Both lakes are
connected by the Correntoso River, which while only 200 meters in length, is considered to be one of the
best sport fishing destinations around La Angostura.
The architecture of the village follows a European wooden (timber) style and it has shops, restaurants and
artisanal products such as chocolate, deer and trout. It's categorized as a mountain village although it has
a population of 11.000 people. Here we will spend the night and enjoy the first impressions of our trip.
Accommodation and dinner at Villa La Angostura, Argentina.
330 km.
Villa La Angostura - Travelín.
After breakfast we start the day riding down a beautiful route passing numerous alpine lakes. Coming
into Bariloche we will see the edge of the beautiful Lake Nahuel Huapi, with its cold, clear waters that
reach depths of up to 500 m in places. This lake is surrounded by forests of native cypresses and coihues,
just a fantastic place to stop for a coffee break and take some pictures. Right after the lake we turn south
and pass the Limay River, from there it is only a short ride into the city of Bariloche. After leaving Bariloche
and on our way to Trevelín, the road will take us along the edge of the mountain lakes of Mascardi,
Guillermo, and Gutierrez, surrounded by amazing high peaks and forests. We will stop in the mystical town
of El Bolsón for lunch, and then continue to finish in Trevelín.
Accommodation and dinner at Trevelín, Argentina.

250 km.
Travelín - Puyuhuapi.
After Breakfast in Trevelin, we will hit the road and continue riding south until we reach Futaleufu,
where the same named river has a very strong current and is a paradise for kayak and rafting fans. Shortly
afterwards we will reach the Termas de Puyuhuapi, hot springs, which were made available for the first
time in 1937 by four German settlers who settled down in this bay at the edge of the rainforest. This spa
center is internationally very well known for its wonderful location in the bay of "Bahia Dorita del Seno
Ventiquero" The water reaches temperatures up to 60 Celsius and is recommended for rheumatism
treatment and for people with skin disease.
Accommodation and dinner at Puyuhuapi, Chile.
200 km.
Puyuhuapi - Coyhaique.
Today we ride to Puerto Aisén and Puerto Chacabuco, and then on to the Simpson River National Reserve.
The plentiful Simpson River, which crosses the reserve and borders the Aysén-Coyhaique road, is the
perfect scenery for motorbike riding.
Accommodation and dinner in Coyhaique, Chile.
220 km.
Coihaique - Perito Moreno.
We'll head back to Argentina (another fantastic crossing of the Andes) until we reach the small village
of Perito Moreno. Here we will stay at the Estancia Telken. This old Patagonian ranch, started up in 1915,
raises sheep and horses off National Route 40 in the northwestern corner of the Argentine province of
Santa Cruz. Here tourists receive a warm welcome in the cozy main house surrounded by a pleasant
garden and windbreak grove. The owners' personal attention, the home-cooked meals shared at the family
table and Patagonian hospitality make visitors feel like old friends. The rest of the day is a chance to relax
before tomorrow's ride as we start on the famous Ruta 40, the Carretera Austral, known as one of the
most unforgettable route to ride in the World
Accommodation at Estancia Telken - Perito Moreno, Argentina.

380 km.
Perito Moreno - Gregores.
Today we get away early as we have a big day of riding, 360 km of gravel and dirt! This is it, the real
Patagonia, the one you have heard about, the very picture of bareness and desolation. The bleat of the
sheep you can hear everywhere in the south of Chile and Argentina. Every year the locals herd together
10 millions of sheep for sheering. In spite of mining, oil and gas transport, wool is still the main product
in Patagonia. With this incredible landscape many Ranches are involved in ecotourism to make a little
extra income. You will experience riding for several hours and not see anything other than a few wild
animals such as guanacos, Darwin's rheas (similar to ostriches) and one or two armadillos. We pass the
outpost settlement of Bajo Caracoles to finally reach the remote ranch where we will stay, Estancia La
Angostura. This is an opportunity to stay in an authentic Argentinean country Ranch, a true "estancia",
where you will share the place with the "gauchos" and enjoy one of their typical barbecue's (asado) which
is cooked over an open fire.
Accommodation here is more basic, but is all part of the real Patagonian experience.
310 km.
Gobernación Gregores - Calafate.
Today we have a mixture of sealed and gravel roads. We ride past more old Argentinean estancias and
the powerful Santa Cruz River, which drains Lake Argentino. Our destination for the day is Calafate and
the highlight of the destination is the imposing view of the Perito Moreno glacier in the national Park. The
Glacier is 5 km wide and 60 m high and is pushing into the Brazo River, a billabong of the Lake Argentino.
You may be lucky enough to witness some ice fragments separate from the main glacier with a rifle
cracking sound; these huge fragments enter the surrounding waters causing a spectacular site of iceberg
acrobatics until they find their final resting place. The Perito Moreno glacier is one of the last glaciers in
the world, which is not shrinking.
Accommodation and dinner at Calafate, Argentina. 

Non riding day.
This is a great day to recuperate from the dust and gravel we have experience in the past two days. For
a nice break we will go on a tour to the Perito Moreno glacier, which is one of the most spectacular
sights in all of Patagonia. Los Glaciares National Park is outstandingly beautiful and you will be able
to discover the park on one of the numerous hiking trails. The primary attraction is the Perito Moreno
Glacier stretching over 200 km with an imposing front wall of 60 m in height and 5 km wide. Enormous
ice chunks occasionally fall off the front wall and drop into the Lake Argentino with a distinctive
thundering sound.
After the tour we return to Calafate for a nice dinner and a good sleep.
Accommodation and dinner at Calafate, Argentina.
DAY 10
240 km.
El Calafate - Torres del Paine.
We leave Calafate to cross over to Chile again, while watching the Grey glacier spilling off the immense
Southern Patagonian Ice Field in Torres del Paine National Park. This National Park is one of the most
impressive parks in Chile because of its unique wildlife and dramatic scenery. The park is best known
for its steep granite towers (torres), the unique horns (cuernos) and the Big Paine Mountains. The massif
is crowned by glaciers and surrounded by cascading rivers and beautiful emerald lakes. The park was
designated World Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in 1978.
Accommodation and dinner in Torres del Paine, Chile.
DAY 11
450 km.
Torres del Paine - Cerro Sombrero.
We ride out of Torres del Paine through breathtaking scenery along Lago del Toro, to the Puente Negro
(Black Bridge) over the Serrano River, with a last fabulous view of the Paine Massif. Our final destination
for today is Cerro Sombrero. To get there we cross the Estrecho de Magallanes on a ferry. No other
strait in the world has such a dramatic history as the Estrecho de Magallanes. This waterway, which
separates the great Terra del Fuego Island with the American continent, is lined by Indian cemeteries,
old harbors, abandoned goldmines, old shipwrecks and millions of penguin nests. Ferdinand Magellan changed the world with his discovery of this east - west passage at November 1st of 1520. In Punta
Delgada we take the ferry to get over to the Terra del Fuego Island (20min).
Accommodation and dinner at Cerro Sombrero , Chile.
DAY 12
450 km.
Cerro Sombrero - Ushuaia.
Leaving Cerro Sombrero we head off for Ushuaia on a paved road. Near Tolhuin the gravel starts again
as we continue along Lake Fagnano and up into the spectacular Darwin Range, and over Garabaldi Pass
down to the mystic city, Ushuaia. For most of the first half of the 20th century, the city was centered
around a prison for dangerous criminals coming from Buenos Aires. The Argentine government set up
this prison following the example of the British with Australia and the French with Devil's Island: escape
from a prison on Tierra del Fuego was similarly impossible. The prisoners thus became forced colonists
and spent much of their time cutting wood in the forest around the prison and building the town. Today
this town with its 64.000 inhabitants is the most southern town of Argentina and calls itself the End
of the World.
Accommodation and dinner at Ushuaia, Argentina.
DAY 13
Ushuaia (free day).
Today we ride to the end of the world! We follow the road right to the end, at Bahía Lapataia in the
National Park. The Lapataia Bay (Bahia de Buena Madera) at the south end of the park, which means
"good wood" in the native dialect, is a beautiful bay. It is located at the southern end of National Route
3, along the Pan-American Highway, that runs through the American Continent Here is the end of the
National Route No. 3 (Ruta Nacional Nº 3) of Argentina. It is the southernmost bay located 3,063 km
from Buenos Aires on the south and 17,848 km from Alaska on the north.
Here, you can enjoy nature to the fullest, this is it! Any further you'll be in Antarctica!

DAY 14
350 km.
Ushuaia - Río Grande.
We leave Ushuaia early for the start of a long and interesting day as we head towards Río Grande.
On our way to Río Grande we will visit the penguins in Estancia Harberton. These gracious birds are
about 2 feet tall and weight approximately 12 pounds.
Accommodation and dinner at Rio Grande, Argentina.
DAY 15
360 km.
Río Grande - Punta Arenas.
Today we leave Rio Grande for our last ride to our final destination, Punta Arenas.
Punta Arenas is the largest and most important city of Chilean Patagonia. It is located on the western
side of the Strait of Magellan and its inhabitants come from a mix of cultural backgrounds, English sheep
ranchers as well as Portuguese sailors settled here.
A beautiful destination to finish our journey and enjoy our farewell dinner.
Accommodation and farewell dinner at Punta Arenas, Chile.
DAY 16
Airport Transfer, Domestic Flights, International Flights.

- Motorcycle guide (English and Spanish) or
(German, English and Spanish) for the entire tour.
- Airport / hotel transfers.
- A combination of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and lodges
(depending on location), with breakfast.
- Motorcycle with 3 panniers, removable pannier
bags and tank bag.
- Full insurance for the motorcycle (total and
partial loss).
- Fuel and oils for entire trip.
- Motorcycle Spare Parts.
- Storage and parking for the motorcycle.
- Transportation of the motorcycles from
Santiago - Puerto Montt - Santiago.
- Insurance for third parties in Argentina.
- Insurance for third parties in Chile.
- Maps of Chile and Argentina.
- Documents for borders crossing.
- 4 x 4 Support vehicle with driver and bilingual
travel assistant.
- Catering, snacks, coffee, tea and soft drinks,
provided by the company all the way.
- 3 dinners including farewell dinner (alcohol
not included).
- Admission and guides fees to see Glacier
Perito Moreno.
- Entrance fee to Torres del Paine.
- Ferries from and back to Chile.
- Satellite phone for receiving calls
and emergencies. 

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