End of the Earth Tour

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End of the Earth Tour

This tour takes you in and out of Argentina and Chile and goes through some of the most remote parts of South America. Ride to the end of South America, and see everthing from glaciers to gauchos.

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End of the Earth Tour


Day 1 Monday, November 1st:
Osorno, Chile
Arrive in Osorno this day. We will come meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel. First class welcome dinner this evening, included in the tour package.

Day 2 Tuesday, November 2nd:
Osorno to Bariloche - 160 miles
Ride through the Andes mountain range today and cross into Argentina. The roads are excellent and vistas even better! Stay in Bariloche.

Day 3 Wednesday, November 3rd:
Bariloche to Esquel - 175 miles

Ride along the Andes mountain range and enjoy excellent paved riding. Pass numerous rivers and lakes as you make your way to the town of Esquel. If you want, ride an alternative dirt route through the Alerces National Park, where the oldest trees in the world grow. Stay in Esquel.

Day 4 Thursday, November 4th:
Esquel to Puyuhuapi - 170 miles (100 dirt)
Cross back into Chile and continue along the Carreterra Austral highway south. The highway is a dirt road, and the scenery is fantastic: mountains, large rivers and glaciers can be seen along the way. Stay in Puyuhuapi.

Day 5 Friday, November 5th:
Puyuhuapi to Coyhaique - 160 miles (60 miles dirt)
Ride through Jurrassic Queulat National Park on your way to Coyhaique. Don't be surprised you think you are in Montana! Stay in Coyhaique

Day 6 Saturday, November 6th:
Coyhaique to Cochrane - 190 miles (140 miles dirt)
Feel yourself distancing from society and entering pure wilderness this day. You will pass numerous ranches, rugged mountains, milky glacier rivers and large lakes. Stay in the Cochrane area.

Day 7 Sunday, November 7th:
Cochrane to Estancia La Angostura - 200 miles (130 miles dirt)
Cross into Argentina by way of  Roballos Pass. This is off the beaten path! Experience solitude in the Andes. Ride the dry Argentinian Patagonia on Route 40 and experience a vast, windswept plane. Stay at a functioning Estancia in the heart of Patagonia.

Day 8 Monday, November 8th:
Estancia La Angostura to Calafate - 160 miles (100 dirt)
Ride again the vast Patagonia and marvel at the Andes in the distance. Stay in Calafate.

Day 9 Tuesday, November 9th:
Free day, Calafate - up to 100 miles
Ride out to famous Perito Moreno Glacier. Watch Condors cruise the face of the glacier as is calves into the lake! What a sight! Stay in Calafate.

Day 10 Wednesday, November 10th:
Calefate to Torres del Paine - 170 miles (70 miles dirt)
Ride along the distant Andes south until crossing over into Chile and near Torres Del Paine National Park. Stay on Torres Del Paine National Park area.

Day 11 Thursday, November 11th:
Free day, Torres del Paine - up to 150 miles dirt
Explore the National Park Torres Del Paine with its towering granite spires. Absolutely breathtaking! Stay near the Park.

Day 12 Friday, November 12th:
Torres del Paine to Cerro Sombrero - 220 miles
Cross the Staights of Magellan to Tierra Del Fuego! Stay in Cerro Sombrero.

Day 13 Saturday, November 13th:
Cerro Sombrero to Ushuaia - 180 miles
The Andes rise one more time during this breathtaking day. Ride to the end of the Earth to Ushuaia, Argentina. Fresh ocean air and scenic mountains make this outpost unforgettable!  Stay in Ushuaia.

Day 14 Sunday, November 14th:
Free day, Ushuaia - up to 100 miles (20 miles dirt)
This is the day you will ride to the end of Route 3 and the end of the earth! Ride around Ushuaia. Ride up to the local ski resort and marvel at the panoramic view of the harbor, Beagle Channel and the last islands until Antarctica. Stay in Ushuaia.

Day 15 Monday, November 15th:
Ushuaia to Río Grande - 140 miles
On our way back to Rio Grande, stop and take a boat out to a Penguin Colony. Stay in Rio Grande.

Day 16 Tuesday, November 16th:
Rio Grande to Punta Arenas - 230 miles
Ride to the north side of Tierra Del Fuego and cross the Staights of Magellan once again. Ride along the straights to Punta Arenas, Chile. Farewell dinner this evening.  Stay in Punta Arenas.

Day 17 Wednesday, November 17th:
Fly Home, or Keep the dream alive (unknown miles)

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