Isle of Man and Great Britain Tour

Isle of Man, England, Europe

Isle of Man and Great Britain Tour

Explore the best the U.K. has to offer. Enjoy the National Parks, and the Oldest Motorcycle Race in the World. Ride the best of England, Southern Scotland, Isle of Man and Wales.

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Isle of Man and Great Britain Tour


Day 1 Day 1: Saturday, May 22nd:
Arrival in Bournemouth, England
Welcome to England! Jet lag recovery in the beautiful coastal town of Bournemouth. All accommodations are included in the tour price. Welcome dinner. Stay in Bournemouth

Day 2 Sunday, May 23rd:
Bournemouth to Marlborough - 100 miles
We'll pick up our bikes and ride north. Wonder at the purpose and difficulty of placing stones that weigh several tons hundreds of miles from where they were found at Stonehenge. Stop for the evening in the historic market town, Marlborough. If time permits, ride out to the mysterious Avery Stones. Stay in Marlborough.

Day 3 Monday, May 24th:
Ride from Marlborough to Southwell - 160 miles
Enjoy the twists and turns as we get further into the countryside on our way to Southwell. Dine and sleep at Saracens Head Hotel. This hotel dates from the 12th Century and has hosted ten kings including Charles the First, whose beheading renamed this historic hotel. Stay in Southwell.

Day 4 Tuesday, May 25th:
Southwell to Long Preston - 110 miles
Tour the Southwell Minster, first built in 956 A.D., before your Traditional English Breakfast. We'll ride through Nottingham forest, the land of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. You'll have plenty of time to explore the roads in the Long Preston Area, a traditional Sunday Ride favorite area. Stay in Long Preston area.

Day 5 Wednesday, May 26th:
Long Preston to Hadrian's Wall - 70 miles
A short day of riding for those that would like to explore Hadrian's Wall and Roman Fort ruins. Plenty of great loops in the area for those that want a little more saddle time! We'll stay at the Twice-Brewed Inn and learn the story of their ale's part in English history.

Day 6 Thursday, May 27th:
Hadrian's Wall to Loch Lomond - 113 miles
Another day of world-class riding. We'll cross over the highest mountains in the UK on our way to Loch Lomond, Scotland. Tonight we stay at Tibbie's, owned by a biker and situated smack dab in the middle of the best riding in Southern Scotland! Don't worry about the mileage this day, you will have plenty of options once you get to Tibbie's.

Day 7 Friday, May 28th:
Free day Loch Lomond (as many miles as you like!)
Explore with the group or on your own and discover why motorcyclists from all over the UK come here to ride. You can even ride through the largest forest on the British isles this day. Stay at Loch Lomond.

Day 8 Saturday, May 29th:
Loch Lomond to Long Preston - 200 miles
We'll wind our way back to Long Preston via a different route with more great riding. Be amazed at the solitude you get and the great vistas that pass by all day long. Stay at Long Preston.

Day 9 Sunday, May 30th:
Long Preston to Heysham to Isle of Man - 35 miles
We have a short ride to the ferry dock in Heysham. We'll load our bikes and enjoy the company of riders from all over the world on their way to the most famous motorcycle race, the TT. You'll feel right at home surrounded by folks in sliders and leathers. It's off to our Bed and Breakfast after we dock. Stay on the Isle of Man.

Day 10-12 Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, May 31st, June 1st & 2nd:
Free days on the Isle of Man! - as many miles as you like...
Ride the world famous Mountain Course and explore the island all day.
We'll watch the races from several different locations to get the best the Tourist Trophy has to offer from tight corners through town to the top of the Mountain Road where racers "slingshot" pass at speeds topping 200 m.p.h. !! Stay on the Isle of Man.

Day 13 Thursday, June 3rd:
Isle of Man to Liverpool via ferry. Liverpool to Dolgellau - 80 miles
Early birds will get one more ride on the Mountain Road (our favorite time to ride it) before catching the ferry to Liverpool. We'll quickly leave the city behind and head into Snowdonia National Park in the heart of Wales. Stay in Dolgellau.

Day 14 Friday, June 4th:
Free day riding in Snowdonia - as many miles as you like!
Mountains, lakes, twists and turns all to yourself. Ride Wales and discover it may be the best riding day of your life! Stay in Dolgellau.

Day 15 Saturday, June 5th:
Ride from Dolgellau to Brecon - 80 to 200 miles
We'll leave Snowdonia National Park and head to Brecon Beacons National Park, but you'll never notice when the great riding in the first park ends and the fantastic riding in the second park begins! Stay in Brecon area.

Day 16 Sunday, June 6th:
Brecon to Bournemouth -190 miles
We'll enjoy one more day of great riding as we come full circle back to Bournemouth. Motorcycle return and farewell dinner.

Day 17 Monday, June 7th:
Bournemouth to Your Home (unknown miles)
Breakfast in Bournemouth, goodbyes, and memories to last a lifetime!

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