Chateaux & Sancerre

Loire, France, Europe

Chateaux & Sancerre

Wednesday 19th to Tuesday 25th May

The Sancerre Wine Festival is held each year to celebrate the production of the latest vintage of this famous wine.

On this motorcycle tour you will be able to visit the "caves" where the wine is produced and stored, and sample the finest wines of the independent vintners.

Organised by Bike Normandy

Chateaux & Sancerre


En route, we will visit the fabulous châteaux of the Loire and Cher regions as shown alongside, giving you plenty of time to explore each one.

This will be a fully escorted bike trip from the moment you arrive at the port of Dieppe (or agreed meeting point). It will be run at a leisurely / moderate pace and with a maximum of fourteen bikes. The routes have been extensively researched and as we use a tried & tested "drop-off" marker system with a tail-end rider there is no need for you to refer to road books or maps.

We will stay in small, independent hotels - some with swimming pools - and your luggage will be transported in our back-up van for your comfort. The van will follow the route of the tour and will be available to deposit helmets, jackets etc during the stops.

Please contact us for more details - remember there are limited places on this motorbike holiday and with it being run at a leisurely / moderate pace it will suit couples and riders with pillions.

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