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Motorcycle Tours in Norway

Viking history, snow covered vistas and even a chance to see the Northern Lights – a bike tour in Norway will stun and amaze, and there is no chance that you won’t be going home with unforgettable memories.

No tours found.
Norway is famous for its natural beauty and snow covered rugged mountain backdrops. The Scandinavian country enjoys landscapes typical of the northern countries, including deep glaciers and carved fjords, as well as Viking history to get your teeth into. Snow sports are popular in Norway and so is biking, and you can find your way through stunning mountain ranges and valleys or stick to something a little easier by taking the roads more travelled through towns and villages. The scenery as you ride will blow you away as beauty like this is hard to match.

Norway may be farther North than we are used to, but the climate is much milder than you might expect. Snow falls heavily during winter, but along the coast line the snow that falls will melt almost immediately. During summer months the inland areas experience the warmest weather, but the average temperature won’t get much higher than 16°C. Our tours in Norway take in the best that this fascinating country has to offer, riding along roads with little traffic through stunning mountains, there’s something for everyone whether you are a novice rider or an expert. It really will be unforgettable.


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