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Motorcycling in Ireland

Ancient castles, dramatic scenery and an impressive culture, what more could you want from a motorcycle tour? Take a two wheeled trip around Ireland and you’ll soon discover that you’re wanting for nothing.

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Discover the Emerald Isle on a motorcycling tour that takes in all that Ireland has to offer. From archaeology and anthropology to historical monuments, folklore and dramatic coastline scenery, a tour around the UK’s closest neighbour will bring you thrills and delight around every corner. Ireland is famous for its whiskey, its Guinness, its dancing and its music and you will encounter plenty of this plus much more on your trip around the country. Riding along the coastline you’ll take in magnificent cliffs, crashing waves and beautiful scenery while enjoying roads that twist and turn with plenty of peaks and crests. The roads can be fast and challenging at times but allow plenty of slow sections where the scenery can be admired.

Ireland is surrounded by ocean and therefore has a maritime influenced climate. May to September is generally the warmest and driest part of the year, while winters can be cold with plenty of rain and short days. Snow does not fall often in Ireland, so don’t let that put you off, but the weather can change very quickly and nothing is impossible! Take one of our motorcycle tours in Ireland and you’ll have the opportunity to discover the entire island for yourself. Starting in Northern Ireland, you’ll be able to make your way through countryside featuring ancient castles and abbeys, taking in all of the major sites that both countries have to offer before finishing in Dublin for a well-earned pint.


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