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Motorcycle Tours in Iceland

Take in the country of fire and ice all on two wheels. Take twisting and turning roads through flaming lava fields while admiring a view of snow-capped mountains, where else could you multitask like that?

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A motorcycle tour around Iceland will be unlike anything else you can experience in Europe. Located close to the Arctic Circle, Iceland brings together a mix of western civilisation and vast, unoccupied areas which boast some of the most magnificent scenery. Every town and village in Iceland has its own individual sense of culture and history, while the outdoors will fascinate thanks to the active ground, bubbling pools, geysers and volcanoes that the locals live with. There is one major roadway in Iceland which takes bikers around the perimeter of the island, all of which is in great condition and encounters twists and turns as well as beautiful views that make this route a biker’s paradise.

There are also several roads and trails that traverse the island, most of which will be slightly more challenging to the average biker. The climate in Iceland is not as cold as you might expect for an island located so far north; thanks to the Atlantic Gulf stream the average temperature in summer is over 11°C, and in winter the average is around -0.4°C. The weather, however, can be very changeable and rain showers are not uncommon. Our tours in Iceland incorporate all that the country has to offer in terms of fire and ice; you’ll be riding through lava fields, along roads built by Vikings and in and out of fjords with views of ice-capped mountains.


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