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Motorcycling tours in Hungary

Hungary’s well maintained back roads and highways will surprise you with the stunning vistas and little-known culture of this historical country. You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge from any motorcycle tour in Hungary.

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History in Hungary has seen a multitude of influences make the culture what it is today. The unique identity of Hungary is what makes Hungarians patriotic, and riding through one of the most fascinating Eastern European countries will give you a real flavour for Hungary past and present as the people strive to keep hold of all influences that made the country what it is today. Paying attention to the architecture will take you on a journey through a host of different periods including Roman, Medieval, Baroque, Art-Nouveau and modern contemporary. The country’s rural and city roads will show you ancient castles and other world heritage sites as you enjoy the sweeping winding bends as well as the tighter, more challenging corners. Hungary features its own Alps which provide stunning views as you navigate the mountainous long, twisty roads which are ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Hungary’s climate is best described as European continental with warm, dry summers and cold winters. Sub-zero temperatures are possible in January and heavy snowfall and snowstorms are not uncommon. Summer months are more temperate, with temperatures usually falling around 25°C, but they can reach higher than 30°C on a very dry day, however temperatures are much cooler during the nights. Our tours in Hungary allow riders to encounter the history and heritage of the country along with some of its neighbours including Croatia, Bulgaria and Turkey, all of which give the rider a chance to discover culture and heritage of many countries as well as the well maintained roads with gorgeous views. Ideal for the more adventurous amongst you, whether it’s the sightseeing or the biking that you want to adventure in!


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