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Motorcycle Tours in Germany

Some of the most popular motorcycling roads in the world lie in Germany, a magnificent country with stunning scenery and access to some of the most breath-taking landscapes in Europe, your trip to Germany will be a festival in itself.

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The country is famed for its motorbike friendly roads, autobahns and high quality road surfaces, to such an extent that some of the roads are even closed at weekends. However, there are still hundreds of incredible roads to choose from as you tour Germany on your bike. Germany is filled with interesting sights to see along the way, including historical towns and cities, world heritage sights, palaces, parks and gardens as well as festivals that attract tourists the world over. You won’t be short of things to see and do during your trip to Germany.

German roads vary extensively, and riders have the choice of the more popular highways and direct roads, or the rural roads which certainly keep things interesting. Fast sweeping sections can quickly be followed up by long sections of hairpin bends, ideal for those who want a challenge!

German weather is generally quite moderate and its Northern coastline has a typically maritime climate with warm summers and mild winters, however farther inland the climate becomes more continental with the temperatures becoming more extreme in summer and winter. The coldest month is January and the warmest is July.

For beginners as well as expert riders, our tours in Germany can offer everything from the most challenging rural routes to autobahn cruising or gentle riding with plenty of sightseeing!


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