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Motorcycle Tours in England

Ride the best of England as you take in stunning home scenery on a motorcycle tour like you’ve never experienced before.

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Choosing a motorcycle tour in England might surprise you as you’ll be sure to encounter parts of the country which you never even knew existed. The oldest western civilisation in the world, there is surely a lot to learn about the history of the UK as a whole, and some of the best motorcycle tours in England will take you up close and personal to the history, heritage, and, most importantly, the landscapes of England. Taking in the countryside, in particular the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District, you’ll encounter some great twisting roads with magnificent views that make every challenge worth it.

The climate in England is famed for its rain and for the stunning green countryside. While the rain may be to thank for the beauty that you’ll no doubt encounter along the way, it also falls throughout the year and the weather can change very quickly. The highest temperatures will hit in July and August, while the coldest in January, February and December, however, with the lowest temperature often above 0°C, there isn’t much to deter from a winter ride. Most of our tours in England take in the North of the country, in particular the stunning scenery in the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. These National Parks have everything you could possibly wish for, with a stunning coastline in Yorkshire, mountain and valleys like nothing you’ve ever seen in the Lake District and rolling hills between the two. Start your motorcycle touring holidays in style with our tours of the North of England, or extend your breadth with a tour of the best that the UK has to offer on our Isle of Man and Great Britain Tour.


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