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Motorcycle Tours in Czech Republic

A motorbike tour in the Czech Republic has everything you could possibly wish for; just don’t ride too fast or you’ll miss it!

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UNESCO monuments, castles and historical cities such as the world famous Prague are just some of the sights that you will encounter during a motorcycle tour in Czech Republic. The country has intangible heritage based on ancient traditions and the combination of historic and modern in some of the towns and cities you pass will be breath-taking. The historical country will see you take on narrow, winding lanes that open up into picturesque squares, as well as beautiful panoramic views of the often overlooked country.

The Czech Republic has roads for everyone, from challenging narrow roads in the more populated areas to open, flowing rural routes with easy corners and magnificent scenery. Making your way through the mountains and the valleys, you’ll appreciate some luxurious straight roads as well as the corners that will certainly keep your interest up if the views don’t! The Czech Republic is landlocked, and has a fairly typical continentally influenced climate with warm, dry summers and cold winters. Biking throughout the year is possible, but heavy snowfall or even snowstorms are sometimes possible in January so it would be wise to avoid the beginning and end of the year if you can.

Visits to the Czech Republic are made possible on many of our different tours, and you can choose to take in this beautiful country along with many others in Europe. Those looking for a challenge should take on our Czech Republic to Spain tour, which encounters some of the highest and most twisty roads in Europe, while the beginners might enjoy the Czech Hungary Tour which takes in scenery and sights along its straightforward routes.


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