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Motorcycle Tours in Croatia

Croatia has everything a biker could wish for: scenery; history; beautiful smooth roads and weather that will make you never want to stop riding.

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Croatia is lucky in that it features almost 2,000 kilometres of Adriatic coastline, all of which feature some of the most spectacular roads you will ever have the pleasure of riding on. But that isn’t all that Croatia has to offer, Croatia has roots in a long history and is a country unlike any other when you come to look at the history, heritage and culture. As one of fourteen Yugoslavian countries, Croatia shares some of its history with its neighbours and you might find that some of the most ancient heritage that you come across might remind you of influences from Roman and Greek legacy. Croatia has history of its own, however, and its Balkan architecture, archaeology and art will surprise even the most culturally aware amongst your tour.

Croatian roads offer a vast range of scenery, challenges and heritage along the way. As well as the beautiful coastline roads, bikers are also reminded to take in the islands, bays, coves, cliffs and beaches that adorn the Adriatic coast. The roads are smooth and fast and will be pure pleasure for bikers of all competencies, while the inland roads will also provide thrill for all. The Adriatic coast has a Mediterranean climate; therefore the high season is hot and dry, while spring and autumn are both warm and pleasant. Bikers are recommended to visit Croatia’s stunning roads in April, May, June, September and October.

Our motorcycle tours in Croatia offer both novices and expert bikers the choice of coastline, mountain or island roads, or a combination of all three. For experts the Croatia Coast and Curves tour offers some of the best in winding roads, while the Adriatic Riviera Tour is the ideal choice for those less confident.


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