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Motorbike Tours in Bulgaria

Take a tour around one of the most culturally rich countries in Central Europe, thanks to its heritage and its inviting climate; you won’t want to miss out.

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Bulgaria is one of the smallest countries in Europe, occupying just 2% of the territory, but it is also one of the most interesting. Situated in Central Europe, its influences from both Western and Eastern Europe make for a culture like nothing you have ever seen before. Thousands of years of history and heritage enable bikers to discover ancient civilisations, religions, architecture, archaeology and arts amongst other sites to note. The country’s history in religion enables visitors to discover over 160 monasteries during their visits, as well prehistoric finds that will line the roads on which you’ll love to ride.

Motorcycle tours in Bulgaria cover a wide range of roads from first class national roads to dirt roads through traditional and culture-rich towns and villages. Riding through Bulgaria’s mountains will treat you to some incredible views of the surrounding landscapes and cityscapes, while the comparatively quiet traffic and exhilarating corners enable bikers to own the roads on which they ride. Motorcyclists will benefit from choosing to tour during the spring, summer and autumn months, as the continental Bulgarian climate calls for well-defined seasons and cold winters with plenty of snowfall. While the snow-capped landscapes will surely make for a scenic ride, some of the quieter, and more spectacular, roads may not be available. Bulgarian summers, on the other hand, will encounter hot, temperate weather with an average above 22°C.

Our tours in Bulgaria offer riders anything from a few days to a few weeks, and will accommodate the more serious riders who wish to cover more ground with our ‘Two Continents’ tours, as well as the novice or more sightseeing influenced riders.


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