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We provide a huge range of Motorbike tours in the Austrian Alps, all of which are a stunning way to see one of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges. Our credible tour operators prove that two wheels really are better than four.

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Austria is a country famed not only for its vistas, but also for its rich history. No trip to Austria is possible without discovering something about the country that you didn’t know before, and your travel experience across its beautiful landscapes will truly be extraordinary. Austria is lucky to have nature and adventure in its Alps, as well as a diverse architectural landscape across its cities. The Austrians are sticklers for tradition, so you’ll be treated to a whole host of yodelling, rustic farm-houses and discover some age old Austrian customs that are unique from anywhere else.

Some might say that there are two different Austria’s: Austria in summer and Austria in winter. From April to October the Austrian Alps offer outstanding roads which are ideal for adventurous motorcyclists and the varied terrain, long, winding roads through mountain ranges and valleys as well as the rich culture that you’ll encounter along the way make the country a unique visit on two wheels. During the winter the 60% of the country which is made up of the Alps will be perfect snow covered mountains which look straight out of a picture book.

Our tours have something to suit everyone, whether you are interested in the history, culture or simply the sights of the country, taking your bike along with you on this trip will be a decision you’ll never regret. For the more professional or experience bikers amongst you, we can’t help but recommend our Alps Extreme tour, which combines long days, challenging roads and tough riding to bring you a biking experience that you’ll never forget. Your efforts will be repaid by unobstructed views of mountain vistas including glaciers and beautiful skies. You’ll never forget this trip.

For the more cautious amongst you, however, our other motorcycle tours such as the Austrian Alps Guided Motorcycle Tour, offer great biking roads combined with sightseeing, great food and great lodgings. There is something for everyone in Austria!


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