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If your penchant for travel has you headed for Australasia, consider discovering this vast continent on the back of your bike, because how else will you get around, see everything there is to see and have the time of your life?

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Our bike tours in Australasia encompass both Australia and New Zealand, and in both of these awe-inspiring countries you will have the opportunity to discover something that is truly spectacular. From Uluru in central Australia to the ability to ski in the morning and sunbathe in the afternoon, both Australia and New Zealand are encounters that you will relish while you ride around the wide, open and winding roads on your two wheels. With tours including ‘best of’ trips and highlights for those with little time to spare, there are many ways in which you can explore these three very unique and very fascinating islands. The climate across the continent varies greatly, as Australia offers the golden beaches and surfing weather, while New Zealand can provide a mixture of the two, with certain parts of the country being home to world class skiing, and other parts home to world class beaches. Along your tour you will have the opportunity to see some truly marvellous scenery, as well as experience the history of two countries whose ancestry most find fascinating. Get on the back of your bike and, whether you are in a large group or a small group, there is no chance that you won’t enjoy seeing all that Australasia has to offer.


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