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North, South and Central America are all fascinating parts of the world, and exploring these very different and very worthwhile continents couldn’t be done any better than on the back of your bike with the fresh air surrounding you.

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Global Bike Tours provide motorcycle tours in all three continents, and beginning in North America you will have the opportunity to ride around either Canada or the USA, or even both! A motorbike trip in North America will be like any other and the vast differences that you’ll experience as you travel between countries and between states is incomparable. Canada has a lot of open space and countryside for you to admire from the back of your bike, while the USA is filled with small towns and cities with immeasurable personalities. You can choose from a trip along the western coast of the USA, where you’ll see the delights of California and Washington State, a trip through the Canadian Rockies in Alberta and British Columbia, or a road trip from West to East, taking in the vast differences of American states as you go. Alternatively, you can opt to go further south and enjoy slightly warmer weather in Central and South America. Take in the rainforests of Brazil, the party towns or Mexico or the beaches of Ecuador, your routes around the tropical continent will be nothing short of fascinating, as long as you don’t get caught in a tropical rainstorm! South America is famed for its many wonders of the world including Machu Picchu, as well as for its ever friendly population and for its mesmerising scenery, so if you choose to visit this continent you will be sure to have the holiday of a lifetime as you climb on the back of your bike, follow our expert tour and take it all in!


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