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Motorcycling Tours in South Africa

Celebrate South Africa’s stunning heritage and scenery from the best possible viewpoint – two wheels. You won’t regret taking a tour in this striking country.

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South Africa is very proud of its history; Nelson Mandela, as well as other freedom icons, is celebrated throughout the country. Inspirational and celebrated culture and traditions will become evident during your tour of the country. South African customs are accessible and friendly and spending a day in a Zulu village will be an immeasurable experience. You’ll encounter splendid scenery and natural landscapes that include soaring mountain peaks and passes, unspoiled coastlines, flowing rivers, rolling fields and dense forests. Taking the best biking roads through the country you’ll be able to encounter this scenery at its very best from the great vantage point of your bike.

Miles of open road pass over mountains and include some turns and climbs which both soothe and thrill you as you make your way across this fascinating country. South Africa has a very temperate climate, which means that it enjoys plenty of sunny, dry days, ideal for your biking holiday and experiences winter from June to August and summer begins in December. Whether you want an adventure in South Africa or a gentle, picturesque ride, our tours will take care of you. The Africa Due South – Lowveld Legend tour is ideal for those wanting to challenge themselves, while for those less adventurous the African Explorer Tour will show you the best of South Africa’s biking roads in just nine days.


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