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Motorcycling Tours in Namibia

Namibia is everything you might imagine from a lush, African country. With beautiful greenery, wilderness and imposing sand dunes as well as the abundance of wildlife that you might hope for, you won’t be disappointed after a touring holiday in Namibia.

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Namibia is full of desert landscapes, barren sand dunes, bush savannah and rugged mountains. Riding your bike around the West African country will give you the chance to discover all of this as well as the enormous Fish River Canyon which is one of the most famous sights in the country. Your tour in Namibia will enable you to partake in local customs such as trying the cuisine and activities in the villages, all against a stunning backdrop which will make this a trip you’ll never forget. The roads in Namibia are challenging as most roads go, with a lot of sand drifts over the roads and gravel to make up every roadway, you’ll be grateful for an adventure bike on a lot of these routes.

The desert scenery is spectacular and the small mining towns that you pass through make for a jaw-dropping experience. The climate in Namibia is as you would expect from a company mostly made up of desert; temperatures reach upwards of 40°C in summer and the locals enjoy at least 300 days of sunshine per year. Rainfall is more common along the coastline than inland, and winter temperatures drop to a minimum of 6°C. Our tours offer the best of Namibia in whatever way you want to see the country: if you want to take in the local wildlife then choose our Wildlife and Waterfalls tours, which takes you to some of the most amazing natural falls in this part of Africa as well as showing you the local wildlife in its natural habitat. On the other hand, for the adventure lovers, the Namibian Adventure Tour will take you through the wilderness, narrow mountain passes and across difficult terrain.


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