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Motorcycle tours in Morocco

Touring Morocco on two wheels will certainly get you places, and places is where you want to go when you visit this unique and historical country. Your motorbike will take you through incredible landscapes and teach you about individual culture and identity, what more could you want from a vacation?

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Morocco’s heritage is what makes this country such a hotspot for tourists and what makes this country unlike any other you could visit. In every town you can find palaces, art works and riads that are charged with memories for you to discover. Even riding through the deserts, villages and small towns you’ll be able to explore the Moroccan history and origins.

The roads in Morocco offer some of the best views in northern Africa, with incredible landscapes and panoramas that will take your breath away. A huge assortment of winding corners, beautiful straights and challenging twists will certainly keep you entertained during your tour in Morocco, and for beginners there are plenty of fast, flowing roads from which you can admire the views while improving your biking skills. The climate in Morocco is very diverse but it is generally tropical and enjoys temperatures as high as 35°C in summer and as low as 5°C in winter. Our tours around Morocco offer a great choice for beginners and experts alike: for a challenge ride the Atlas Mountains Raid Road Tour and enjoy high passes, valleys and gorges. For less of a challenge you can see as much of the country as you like with our 6, 10 or 14 day Morocco Tours which will get you well acquainted with the country without scaring you off your bike!


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